Filemaker Developer


FileMaker Pro Developer  v.7.0v3

FileMaker Developer is the tool of choice for creating custom FileMaker solutions for deployment across workgroups, distribution as royalty-free runtime applications, or sharing on the Web.

FileMaker2iCal  v.1.0b

FileMaker2iCal is an example that demonstrates how to use FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Developer as a subscription server for iCal.


Function Helper  v.1.0v1

Function Helper is a FileMaker solution to assist developers in the creation, debugging and storage of custom functions for FileMaker Developer 7.

Troi Serial Plug-in for FileMaker Pro  v.3.0.1

Troi Serial plug-in 3 can read from and write to the serial ports of the computer directly from FileMaker Pro without the need of a separate application.

FileMaker Datagraph  v.1.0

FileMaker Datagraph is a Dashboard widget that ties into FileMaker Pro to display dynamic graphs of FileMaker data on your desktop.

SecureFM  v.9.0.2

SecureFM prevents the undesired creation, modification, or deletion of data by giving you the ability to selectively disable FileMaker Pro menu items and functions such as New Database, Delete Record, Delete All, Replace, New Record, Close, or Exit/Q

DialogMagic Plug-in  v.9.0

DialogMagic extends the functionality of FileMaker Pro and automates certain repetitive tasks, including ones which have dire consequences when not performed perfectly.

24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In  v.1.0.1

About 24U SimpleHighlight Plug-InA sample FileMaker Plug-In project based on 24U FM Template.

Outlook Manipulator  v.

Manipulate Outlook Data with this FileMaker Pro Plug-in. The second option in the Outlook plug-in family allows an exchange data with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Mail, Notes and Journal for the "user's" default folder,

MetadataMagic  v.2.0.3

MetadataMagic reads the metadata (all of the information about the layouts, fields, scripts, value lists, relationships, etc.

PDF Manipulator  v.1.0.5

PDF Manipulator allows you to exchange data between FileMaker Pro and Adobe Acrobat PDF files that have embedded fields.

Address Book Manipulator  v.2.0.2

FileMaker Pro plug-in that provides a lightning fast two-way data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Macintosh the OSX Address Book using nothing more than simple script steps.

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